Using the Magellan 315 swivel or car mount GPS holder and adapting it to solidly attach to a bicycle bar end or bike frame tube. Either Mag mount uses the exact same cradle holder for the 315. The car mount is about $40 and the swivel mount about $15. The cradle holder has a snap in and out clamp feature for inserting and removing the 315 quickly.

Here's how to adapt it for your bike:

1. A drill press with approx. a 5/64" bit. Optionally a Dremel-type drill with a 1" circular saw blade.

2. A 1/2" x 4" or 5" long plumber's pipe clamp/strap (the kind with the notches and a screw to tighten the strap).

The cradle holder has a large notched section on the back that is suitable for nestling against a pipe; e.g., a handlebar antler (bar end) or top tube of the bike frame.

I originally used a Dremel mini circular saw to start a slit in the back notch of the 315 holder, parallel to the length of the holder and close to the cradle body. You actually have to cut through two layers of thin plastic on each side of the holder back notch piece to make the opening for the pipe clamp to slip through.


Since the Dremel saw only cuts through the first layer, I used a small 5/64" or #47 drill bit to finish the job of cutting through the second layer. You probably can use only the drill bit method to do the whole job anyway.

A drill press works best. Drill three or four holes close together in that center section of the cradle's back notch.

Be sure the holes are parallel and kind of close to the cradle body. Holding the cradle securely, lightly force the drill bit to cut sideways and cut your slit for the pipe clamp.



Slip the pipe clamp through . . .



and mount it. That's it!

Now will somebody go out and mark tracks on some bike trails for me?  Of course I'll be doing some too. I'm in Chicago and have tracked the ride to Botanical Gardens and some of the Des Plaines River including the single track just before Oakton Street. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I am going on a 65 mile ride to Kenosha WI. Also the 'Triangle' - Villa Park IL to Elgin IL to Aurora IL, about 70 miles. I would like to get some trails done in Palos Hills. It's huge and easy to get lost or forget neat stuff you find.

Not anymore!


Use a watchband hook and loop fastener around the 315 antennae and the bike bar end to secure it while rough-riding the trails.